Film production

Raw Motions is a production company that strongly believes in using film, as a tool to make brands stronger. Depending on your project and budget, Raw Motions can take care of all steps of the film production process, from planning and storyboarding to filming, editing and sound design.

The pre-production process is where all the planning and preparations are being done. Depending on the project and budget, this could mean everything from creating storyboards and finding the right music, to scouting locations and finding talents. 

The film process consists of filming on location with high quality camera gear (e.g. drones, gimbals, audio equipment and more), tailored to the specific film project. 

The post-production process is where the production comes together. This process includes everything from editing, sound design, color grading, VFX, to animation.

A complete film production service:

  • Pre-production (e.g. planning, concept, storyboarding, music selection)
  • Filming (e.g. drone, events, products, corporate, social media)
  • Post-production (e.g. editing, color grading, sound design, VFX, animation)